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ECOPOINT provides Online and Classroom MA Economics Entrance Coaching for DSE/ISI/JNU and other Economics Institutes

The Entrance for Masters in Economics is a test of concepts, in-depth knowledge of the subject, time management as well as the analytical skills of the students.All aspirants are tested for these skills which are presumed to have been acquired over the course of a student’s entire graduation and are linked to the specific discipline of Economics and related subjects i.e Mathematics and Statistics.
ECOPOINT provides Online Coaching for MA Economics Entrance for institutes of repute such as Delhi School of Economics (DSE), Indian Statistical Institute (ISI), Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), Madras School of Economics (MSE), Gokhale Institute of Economics and Political Science (GIPE), Indira Gandhi Institute of Development and Research (IGIDR), Central University of Hyderabad.
ECOPOINT is managed by Delhi School of Economics alumni along with other tutors who come from DSE, ISI and JNU. All study material for MA Economics Entrance Coaching is carefully prepared keeping the pattern of all economics entrance exams in mind.
  • If you are interested in registering for either a Classroom or Online, please click ‘Registration’ page. After giving us a mail, please confirm your registration by messaging/whatsapp at 9999886629. You should get a confirmation message from our side within one day
  • If you have questions regarding Classroom or Online course, such as, fees, classes, timings, course structure, you can view FAQ regarding them here
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CONGRATULATIONS to various ECOPOINT students, who made it to Delhi School of Economics, ISI, JNU , IGIDR and other institutes 2019. Results Contact :

  • Nishant Mehra  9999886629
  • Vidhi Pant          9873903314

For Undergraduate Economics H (Semester I/III/V) Online Courses please click here 

Highlights of ECOPOINT Results 2019 (Top Ranks achieved by ECOPOINT 2019 students) 

  • Rank 1 : Delhi School of Economics (DSE) : Tanvi Garg
  • Rank 2 : Delhi School of Economics (DSE) : Shivam
  • Rank 5 : Delhi School of Economics (DSE) : Simran K
  • Rank 1 : Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi (ISI-D) : Anirudh Khakolia
  • Rank 2Indian Statistical Institute,Delhi (ISI-D) : Srishti Grover
  • Rank 5Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata (ISI-K) : Aditya Vikram Sett
  • Rank 1: Madras School of Economics (MSE), Financial Economics : Anirudh Khakolia
  • Rank 2: Madras School of Economics (MSE), General Economics : Akalank Prakash J
  • Rank 1: Madras School of Economics (MSE), Applied Quantitative Finance (AQF)Akalank Prakash J
  • Rank 5: Madras School of Economics (MSE), Acturial Economics : Saurabh Singh
  • Rank 1: Madras School of Economics (MSE), Environmental Economics Akalank Prakash J
  • Rank 1 : South Asian University (SAU) : Chahat Preet Kaur
  • Rank 1 : Gokhale Institute of Economics and Political Science : Aman Kaushal
  • Rank 3 : Center for Development Studies (CDS), Trivandrum : Saurabh Singh
  • Rank 1 : General Economics, Hyderabad University (HCU): Anusha Jain
  • Rank 1 : Financial Economics, Hyderabad University (HCU) : Surpreet Singh
  • Rank 2 : Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT), Delhi : Piyush Kaushal

New Offline Weekday Batch for 2020 Exam : 17th December 2019, 10 AM, (Last Batch) 

New Address:

1616-17, Ground Floor, Chandrawal Road, Near Savitri Medicos, Delhi 110007 (Near Kamla Nagar)

4-5 minute walk from Hansraj College Main Gate.
Nearest Metro Station : Vishwavidyalaya
For any queries, please call us.

Weekday Batch MA Economics Entrance Test Preparation, 2019 . Read FAQ
  • Current Open Date for Trial: 17th December 2019, 10 AM. Note that trial date keeps on changing, you have to come on the date when you are invited. That date is clearly mentioned in the invitation mail. Here, we mention only current open date of a trial and not all other earlier dates.)
  • Day/s of classes  : Monday -Thursday
  • Timings (Tentative) : 2 PM – 6 PM
  • Fees : Rs 41,000 (Including 18% GST)
  • Number of Classes per week : 4 classes of 4 hours each.
  • Online Platform : Yes
  • For details, click here
  • Registration : Pls click at the registration page and mail us at registration@ecopoint.in. After giving us a mail, please confirm your registration by messaging/whatsapp at 9999886629.
  • You should get an invitation mail and message from our side to attend the trial class. Also note that you have to come on the day, you have been invited.That date is clearly mentioned in the mail invitation given to you. The day of trial may or may not be the same day of your batch. For example, you may be called on Friday for a trial, but your batch is a weekend batch. We will also give a reminder message to you one day before the trial.
  • Took the trial earlier and now want to join : If you have taken a trial earlier and have now made up your mind, you can give your acceptance mail, then we will allot you a batch accordingly. You can call us and ask which batch is open for final registrations now 

If you have any other query, you can directly call us at the above mentioned numbers

IV Semester students : Best time to start preparing for MA Entrance is in the beginning of III year, when you have gained complete knowledge of Micro and Macro and are capable of applying concepts. For any other query, mail us at info-at-ecopoint.in

New Online Batch 2020 Exam 

(If you are giving 2019 exam and want to join, then please contact us)

MA Economics Entrance Preparation : Registrations are open throughout the year. You can enroll at anytime and start your preparations. For fees, classes and course.Click here
  • Fees : Rs 41,000 (Including 18% GST)
  • Classes: You will be given entire course at once and can view it as many times as you want
  • Online Platform : Of course,yes. You will get  Basic + Advanced Course
  • You will get two live online classes per week
  • For details, click here
  • Registration : Pls click at the registration page and mail us at registration@ecopoint.in. After giving us a mail, please confirm your registration by messaging/whatsapp at 9999886629. You should get a confirmation message from our side within one day

LIVE ONLINE CLASSES PER WEEK (For Online Students) : There will be Two Live online classes per week for online students, starting from June.

  • Monday live Online class : 6 PM (with, Nishant)
  • Wednesday Live Online Class : 6 PM (with, Vidhi)

What if you miss any live class ? You will have a recording of that class.

Do you have some other query ? Call us at our numbers : Nishant Mehra 9999886629 and Vidhi Pant 9873903314

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Testimonials (To read more testimonials click here)

  • I started my preparation for the exam season in the month of July, 2014. And even before starting, I knew that I would be taking up the Ecopoint Online course. Coming from Kolkata, there are very few choices we get here. And a senior of mine had told me about the comprehensive and thorough nature of the course provided by Ecopoint. It was everything I expected, and more. Nishant Sir and Vidhi Ma’am have always guided me, whenever I had doubts of any sort. The theory notes and videos ensured that the concepts were always clear in my mind. The huge number of assignments and tests, meant I always got a chance to apply the concepts I had previously learnt. The online course is as complete as one can get for the entrance exam requirements if one doesn’t stay in Delhi. Thank you for all the help and support Ecopoint! :)

Neelanjan Dutta (Rank-1 : Delhi School of Economics,  ISI-Delhi, JNU, IGIDR-2015)

  • “If you are not asking me any doubts, either you know everything or you aren’t studying.” This is one of the first things that we were told right at the beginning of our preparation at ECOPOINT. And well, it definitely stayed with me till the end.

To put it in the most lucid manner, Ecopoint will equip you with everything that you need in gearing up not just for the economic entrances but even for the journey once you have cleared them. Why and how? Well here is a checklist that should leave no questions unanswered:

  • Crazy practice material- Without a doubt, the practice material is the most comprehensive you’ll find anywhere so much so that you can never finish with it. The material comprises of assignments, time based tests, concept videos, daily practice questions. The entire material is categorised according to the subject ( Micro, Macro, Stats, Maths) and in fact the tests are divided according to the school ( JNU, DSE,ISI, IGIDR etc.). Since all of it is available online, it provides a very convenient way of sitting home to solve and even visit them again.
  • Subject Coverage- There are basically four subjects that are tested – Maths,Microeconomics,Statistics and Macroeconomics in any paper. And all of them are covered in the classes.
  • Super- Accessible Teachers- The opening lines should make it clear how willing Nishant Sir and Vidhi Mam are to take doubts. And most importantly you can talk to them in your moments of doubt to keep yourself up and assured.
  • Location and Timings- For those studying in North Campus, Ecopoint’s location is a blessing. Having attended college, you just hop off for your coaching once a week, leaving you with with ample self study time .And even for those not in North Campus, the centre is just a minute walk from the GTB metro station. P.S. Host of fast food outlets around too!!
  • Peer group- Since there are multiple batches and each batch has a good number of students, interacting with other students becomes so much easier. And yes forming a small group is one of the best ways to study, remain charged up and clear each other’s doubts.

I guess this makes up for all what I considered in making my choice. With all the benefits of hindsight, all I can say is that joining Ecopoint was a win win for me!

  • The only thing I would like to add : Don’t expect any institute to be a Pandora Box which can guarantee success just because you paid money to join it. It’s you who has to ultimately cast the spell with a bit of hard work, consistence and some smart work.

Sugandha Jindal (Delhi School of Economics-2015, JNU-2015, ISI-2015, IGIDR-2015)

  • Before I joined Ecopoint, one year ago, I could not think of sitting for any Economics-related competitive exam. I was competitive in basic undergraduate-level Economics. If one is seriously considering cracking any premier Economics institute in India, then being familiar with undergraduate-level of Economics is not sufficient. Ecopoint helped bridge that gap in my knowledge and elevate it to a level where I could perform well in the competitive exams. Nishant Sir and Vidhi Ma’am not only taught extremely well, but have also been constant supporters and motivators in this journey. The best part was that Sir and Ma’am readily assisted me in tackling my problems, however small or insignificant they might have been.The online platform provided my Ecopoint is absolutely brilliant and kept me on my toes all the time with the sheer volume of the material made available for me to study from. The quality of the material was, again, extremely good and I could see a gradual and steady improvement in my performance with time. I would highly recommend Ecopoint to anyone who is very serious about cracking any good college, and also to make best use of this institute and its resources to derive good results.

Sanchita Jain (Delhi School of Economics-2105)

  • Ecopoint- the best place I could have chosen to prepare for various MA Economics entrances. Ma’am and Sir turned out to be not just my mentors but also friends. They infused a lot of positivity and optimism which enabled me to keep faith in myself. The regular online tests, assignments and lectures made sure we made steady progress towards the target. No matter how stupid the doubts were they were ever ready to help. The systematic way in which they have designed the course is unmatched. I owe a lot to ecopoint.

Kritika Mittal (Delhi School of Economics, Rank 2, ISI, JNU-2014)

  • I am happy for my decision of joining EcoPoint one year back. The tutoring at ecopoint helped me strenghten my basics and concepts. I will recommend any candidate serious about cracking the top institution to join eco point. My personal review will tell you why-First, the effort of both Nishant sir and Vidhi mam is highly commendable. They are always available for you, to solve your doubts/ queries, to guide you, to motivate you at times. Without their personal effort, I woudn’t have been able to crack DSE.Second, the content and the classes.- both online and offline. All the basics have been covered in videos. You can watch those any number of times. The classes however are of little higher level. And thats the best part. In order to crack the ivy league exams, you need to go beyond what has been taught at graduation level.A big thanks to both Nishant sir and Vidhi mam and all the best to all aspirants.

Rajat Jatana (Delhi School of Economics-2014)

  • To all those who are confused on how to prepare for entrance I would recommend you to join Ecopoint. Online platform provided is more than enough to prepare you for all the entrances, so you don’t have to worry about that at all.I still remember the day when DSE results came out. I was not able to believe that I got through entrance mode since the paper was very tough. But since I had solved questions and done assessments provided on the platform I was able to get through.For those planning to join, utilize the platform very well without thinking about the consequences, I am sure you will not be disappointed after 1 year and you will be glad that you joined Ecopoint like I am.Both Nishant sir and Vidhi ma’am are very approachable, helpful and friendly. They kept motivating me whenever I felt I won’t be able to do it. I got through many other entrances as well. All this won’t have been possible without their constant support and guidance.


Divyani Gupta (Delhi School of Economics)

  • I remember one year back when I was in the same shoes as any of you guys ,figuring out what coaching institute to join. Which institute will help me achieve my goal is the toughest question at that point. We’ll today I am so glad I picked the right one- ECOPOINT. The course structure here is very systematic  and they literally cover everything which is important and also help you to brush up on your basics . Plus the faculty here- Nishant Sir and Vidhi Ma’am are extremely helpful, friendly and are also approachable, even a minute before the interview and this I am saying from my personal experience.  Apart from having exceptionally brilliant tutors the institute also offers a lot of study material and test series which I think is the most helpful in the preparation of any exam. All I would like to say is if you are picking any institute in market today This is THE BEST. Nishant Sir and Vidhi Ma’am are not only amazing teachers but also really warm people and friends I would cherish for the rest of my life. This place offers you the best BUT yes you will need to put in your share of hard work too.

Shreya Bahul (Delhi School of Economics, IGIDR)

  • Its hard to put into words precisely how I felt when DSE results were announced, but I NEVER would have made it without you both, Nishant and Vidhi. Being from B.Sc. Statistics I had no path to a program in economics of this repute, but you!!! Nishant sir, the man behind this achievement, not only encouraged me to try but made very sure that I get through. You were 24×7 available for queries and the most imp TURBO-MORALE BOOST. Thank you sooo much!!!  I believe this programme at ECOPOINT is the most efficient way to gain mathematical insight, the way Vidhi mam makes calculus and linear algebra work so simple, and the way Nishant sir makes you apply calculus in almost every problem. And, how can I forget, the online platform…assignments, tests, videos lectures, study notes what not… This is like a mandatory prelim-session to a graduate program. Whatever stream you belong to!! How great your preparation is!! YOU HAVE TO attend this programme!! It gives you a fresh perspective on how the best of the concepts available in undergraduate courses can be easily applied to complex problems. And trust me you don’t find all this in textbooks, a human has to stand there and make you think, then graph and think again!! Me at D-School????——>All the credit goes to ECOPOINT, THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!! Will be in touch forever!!

Manshu Khanna (Delhi School of Economics)

  • Nishant Sir and Vidhi Ma’am have done a fantastic job with EcoPoint. It is an entrance preparation institute like no other. Learning isn’t limited to classes as there are lectures notes and tests available online that you can study at your own pace and on your own time. The course structure isn’t reduced to a formulaic deconstruction of the test papers but focuses on understanding the basics and then exploring the various applications. For wide-spectrum entrance tests like the ones for DSE, ISI and IGIDR, this is just what is required. Most importantly, at EcoPoint I received individual attention and interaction from day one. Not only did Nishant sir and Vidhi ma’am always keep a check on how much I was studying, they always kept me motivated and made sure that i never lost sight of the target. They were always very approachable and friendly and always seemed more like mentors than teachers. I owe a great part of my success in the entrance exams to them.

Love and thanks

Tanvir Malik (Delhi School of Economics, IGIDR)

  • To all my friends seeking admission to the premier institutions for masters in economics like DSE, ISI, JNU, IGIDR, etc I would recommend them to join Ecopoint. Studying at Ecopoint was an enriching experience because of the hardwork and dedication of the faculty, Nishant sir and Vidhi maam. They take personal interest in the students’ performance and bring out the best in them. The highlights of the programme  are:
  • Effective classroom and online lectures
  • Regular online tests, assignments and practice material
  • Personal doubt clearing sessions
  • Methodical training with the help of DSE, ISI, JNU past year papers
  • Extremely motivating and approachable faculty to provide guidance and to help achieve your maximum potential.

Ecopoint is the best choice if you seek excellence in economics

Riya Chakravarty(Delhi School of Economics)

  • First and foremost,thank you Nishant sir and Vidhi ma’am.Thank you for your guidance,constant support and encouragement .. Most of my friends in Kolkata thought that I am mad enough to opt for online coaching instead of plenty of other options available in the city itself–Thank God I didn’t listen to them!For all those out there who are sceptical about whether online coaching would prove to be helpful,all I can say is go for Ecopoint and you’ll never regret it..the course structure is exhaustive and,ma’am and sir were actually available 24X7 to answer my queries..Most importantly,it is because of Ecopoint that today I know my economics better and knowledge,I believe,is above everything else..
You guys are doing a great job;keep up the good work:)
Soumyaditya Pal (IGIDR)

Online Batch : IES/ IAS Eco Mains/UGC Net Eco

Indian Economic Services/IAS Eco Mains/UGC Net Economics

1. Click at nishantmehra.com or here for demo videos of Indian Economic Services/ IAS Economics Mains/ UGC Net Economics

2. Mail your acceptance at nishant[at]nishantmehra.com

3. Fees : Rs 25,000

4. For any query, call 9999886629

Free Videos

MA Entrance Videos

Microeconomic Theory

The MA Economics Entrance course is divided into three levels, Very Basic, Basic and Advanced. The following videos, should serve as a very basic foundation of the course. In the paid course, you are taught basic and advanced levels.  These videos, should be viewed as complimentary to your textbooks, read the book first and in case of doubt, look for a similar video. These are not any substitute for a textbook. They should also be helpful for undergraduate students, with a caveat, that they should view them as complimentary and not as a substitute to their textbook.
These videos cover Basic Microeconomics. Note that, these videos do not follow any syllabus but they will teach you all concepts taught at under graduate level Microeconomics course. These should be used along with readings prescribed in your course.

Macroeconomic Theory

These videos cover Basic Macroeconomics. Note that, these videos do not follow any syllabus, but they will teach you almost all concepts taught at the undergraduate level Macroeconomics course. These should be used along with readings prescribed in your course. We will be adding more videos as we go along.

Introduction to Open Economy Macroeconomics

International Trade

Introductory Econometrics

These videos cover Introductory Econometrics. Note that, these videos do not follow any syllabus but they will teach you all concepts taught at under graduate level Econometrics course. These should be used along with readings prescribed in your course

Simple Linear Regression Model

Multiple Linear Regression Model and Omitted Variable Bias


Functional Forms

Dummy Variables


Serial Correlation

Econometrics Notes

*Please supplement these notes with your own. These are not sufficient in themselves. You should know how to apply these concepts. We will be adding more notes in future

Introductory Game Theory

These videos cover Introductory Game Theory course. Note that, these videos do not follow any syllabus but they will teach you all concepts taught at under graduate level Introductory Game Theory course.

Introductory Mathematical Economics

These videos cover Introductory Mathematical Economics. Note that, these videos do not follow any syllabus but they will teach you all concepts taught at under graduate level Introductory Mathematical Eco course.

Functions and their Types

Derivatives and their interpretation

Limits and Continuity

Geometric Interpretation of Derivatives

Product Rule and Quotient Rule of derivatives

Chain Rule and Implicit Differentiation

Differentials, Total Derivative and Implicit functions

Exponential Functions

Logarithmic Functions

Exponential and logarithmic functions and their differentiaton

Optimization in Economics

Linear Approximation of functions

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