Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions of students.

What Types of Programs Are Available?

Ecopoint offers MA Economics entrance Test Online Programme. We also offer Test Preparation Programme for IAS/IES/NET.

What are the features of MA ECO Entrance Test Preparation course offered by ECOPOINT?

For MA ECO Entrance Preparation:

  • We are offering a complete online course this year 2025.
  • Number of Classes per week : Six classes
  • Day(s) of classes : Monday to Saturday
  • Timings : 6 PM (Tentative).
  • Number of Hours per week : 10 Hours
  • Online Platform : Yes
Can I take a trial class?

Yes you can, you need to register for the trial class. You can take a live online trial, so that you understand how the process works.

Current Open Date for a Live Trial : 18th February 2024, 10 AM (Tentative). This date keeps on changing, so you need to keep an eye on the trial you want to attend. Also, we call people in slots, so you will be given a trial date in a mail, on that date only you have to come

How do I register?

Registration: Pls click on the registration page and mail us at Fill in all information which is required and mail us. After giving us a mail, please confirm your registration by messaging/WhatsApp at 9999886629.

Who Can apply for Ecopoint courses?

Primarily, if you are preparing for MA Economics Entrance or preparing for Indian Economic Services / IAS Economics Optional

Can I apply in second year of graduation?

Yes, you can apply even in the 2nd year. We personally think 1 year is sufficient to complete this course but some students do wish to take a bit more time and start their preparations beforehand, they may start the course earlier. After discussing your case with us, we can counsel you and offer the course according to your requirement based on your academic background.

You will have more queries, regarding how this will function, please call us at 9999886629/9873903314.

What is the Fee Structure?

For MA Economic Entrance Course : Fees: Rs 48,000 (Including 18% GST), this includes the complete comprehensive package: test series, lectures, live classes, online platform.

Why are you not giving an Offline Course?

Two reasons, Pandemic is still roaring. We don't know when will all this end. And most importantly, we dont want to face a situation in which any student came to institute, got in contact with someone who was positive, that burden we dont want to take. There are so many questions which we may have to answer, first to ourselves before going offline and right now, seriously we don't have answers to them

Secondly, we tried to give our best in the complete online course last year. We were able to research more and give a better designed systematic course. We were able to revamp our complete course. We will strive to give even a better online course this year

How Does the Online Program Work?

Once you register and purchase the programme, you get access to the entire course. The online course has the following features:

Online live classes: you shall have live classes with us 6 days per week for a duration of 90mins. We try to cover around 80% of the course well before December.

Online Portal: Each student will have an access to an online portal (LMS) where they will find all of their classes in the recorded mode, extra recordings, Assignments and Assessments.

How Do I Communicate with the instructors?

Communication between students and instructors can occur through a variety of media, including:

  • Whatsapp Chats (personal)
  • Live Classes
  • Instant Messaging
  • Discussion Forums
What is the eligibility criteria for MA ECO entrance ?

Different entrances have different eligibility criterions, so please visit their respective websites to find. You can refer the following (put the links of all institutes)

What kind of technology will I need?

You need moderate speed internet. The LMS we use is compatible with all browsers and you can use any laptop (windows/mac). It is also compatible with ipad and phones.

Is there a crash course for 2021?

Crash Course for those who are appearing in 2021 exam. Those who are appearing for 2021 paper, and want to join, please call us and clear your queries.

Can I know the past results?

Results 2020: Please click here

Results 2019 Highlights: Please click here

Which subjects you cover ?

Primarily five subjects, which make a core 95% -100% of most entrance exams :

Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Mathematical Economics, Statistics and Econometrics

For other subjects like International Economics, Indian Economics, and Development Economics,  we have recordings available, which will be provided to you on the platform. We made them as per the entrance requirements.


Frequently Asked Questions