Nothing speaks better than our students who have actually undergone our courses. Hear what they feel about Ecopoint it straight from them.


What Our Students Say

I started my preparation for exam season in month of July, 2014. And even before starting, I knew that would taking up the Ecopoint Online course. Coming from Kolkata, there are very few choices here. And a senior of mine had told me about the comprehensive and thorough nature of the course provided by Ecopoint. It was everything expected, and more. Nishant Sir and Vidhi Ma’am have always guided me, whenever had doubts of sort. The theory notes and videos ensured the concepts were always clear in my mind. The huge number of assignments and tests, meant always chance to apply the concepts had previously learnt. The online course as complete as one can entrance exam requirements if one doesn’t stay in Delhi. Thank you for help and support Ecopoint! 🙂

Neelanjan Dutta

(Rank-1 : Delhi School of Economics -2015, ISI -2015, JNU-2015, IGIDR-2015)

“If you are not asking me doubts, either you know everything or you aren’t studying.” This is first things that were told right at beginning of our preparation at ECOPOINT. And well, it definitely stayed with till the end.

To put it in the most lucid manner, Ecopoint will equip you with everything that you need in gearing up not just for the economic entrances but even for the journey once you have cleared them. Why and how? Well here is a checklist that should leave no questions unanswered:

Crazy practice material-Without a doubt, the practice material is most comprehensive you’ll find anywhere much you can never finish it. The material comprises of assignments, time based tests, concept videos, daily practice questions. The entire material is categorised according to the subject (Micro, Macro, Stats, Maths) and in fact the tests are divided according to the school (JNU, DSE,ISI, IGIDR etc.). Since all of it is available online, it provides a very convenient way of sitting home to solve and even visit them again.

Subject Coverage- There are basically four subjects that are tested – Maths, Microeconomics, Statistics and Macroeconomics in any paper. And all of them are covered in the classes.

Super-Accessible Teachers-The opening lines should make it clear how willing Nishant Sir and Vidhi Mam are to take doubts. And most importantly you can talk to them in your moments of doubt to keep yourself up and assured.

Location and Timings-For those studying in North Campus, Ecopoint’s location is a blessing. Having attended college, you just hop off for your coaching once a week, leaving you with with ample self study time .And even for those not in North Campus, the centre is just a minute walk from the GTB metro station. P.S. Host of fast food outlets around too!!

Peer group-Since there are multiple batches and each batch has a good number of students, interacting with other students becomes so much easier. And yes forming a small group is one of the best ways to study, remain charged up and clear each other’s doubts.

I guess this makes up for all what I considered in making my choice. With all the benefits of hindsight, all I can say is that joining Ecopoint was a win win for me!

The only thing I would like to add : Don’t expect any institute to be a Pandora Box which can guarantee success just because you paid money to join it. It’s you who has to ultimately cast the spell with a bit of hard work, consistence and some smart work.

Sugandha Jindal

(Delhi School of Economics-2015, JNU-2015, ISI-2015, IGIDR-2015)

If someone would ask me about my one year at Ecopoint for preparing for ISI I would just run out of words to describe. Not because there are a lot of things but because my vocabulary is not that good. The good thing is, I was not being tested for my vocabulary but for my analytical skills which Nishant sir and Vidhi ma’am imparted to all of us over the year. More than a testimonial I believe I should just give four tips to the upcoming batches at Ecopoint.

1) Notes which you will get at ecopoint will be the most crucial for your preparation in the initial phase.

2) Test series: These should never be ignored. In the beginning do the ISI type and IGIDR type tests, They will surely kickstart your brain into analyzing the questions given to you. Rely on the basics mathematical concepts (when I say basics I mean linear algebra and Optimization).

3) Past years: this is something you need to start by yourself. Remember Nishant sir nor Vidhi ma’am are going to give the exams for you. Its you, who has to sit and write those papers so an extra effort from your part will always go a long way. After all we all live in a Darwinian Society where only the fittest and the most skilled survive. While all the others might not.

4) Never try to judge your teachers trying to find if they are good enough or not. Never. You might end up wasting a lot of time on it and start ignoring your own faults which I have seen a lot people do.

Anubhav Jha


I was good in micro and maths part when it comes to undergraduate level but whe analysed past year papers was like ‘Will manage to questions in entrances’? I then took the decision of joining Ecopoint for entrance preparation. From the very first class realized are many things dont know(even from topics have done at our undergraduate level). Nishant Sir and Vidhi Mam helped me alot to bridge that knowledge gap that required to crack entrances. Before ISI exam, tried to solve the past year questions myself and mananged to lot of (which were like impossible one time). The solutions ecopoint provided helped widened view about to approach for problem in entrances. Vidhi Mam and Nishant Sir were always available for doubts no matter much they were. The online platform was very helpful, it included alot of topics from each subject followed by assignment. I strongly recommend ecopoint to thinking of preparing for the entrances. In my case a large part of credit goes to ecopoint for my selections in various colleges.

Rajat Seth

(Delhi School of Economics-2015, ISI-2015)

Ecopoint!! Its like a dream coming true for me by joining this institute. I found nishant sir and vidhi mam really helpful in solving my problems.Seriously saying, before joining ECOPOINT, I was not good enough to crack any exam but with the help of sir and mam I cracked every exam i wanted to clear. Sir and mam were always available to solve my doubts. Here you will get questions which are similar as in real exams. You will be getting MCQ’s and problems starting from the first day. The course content is designed in such a way, so that one will be over with syllabus well in time and get enough time for self preparation as well. Last but not the least, if you join ECOPOINT be prepared to put in your hard work too.
Thanku sir and mam!!

All which I achieved today is not possible one year back. But today I can say that joining ECOPOINT was my life changing decision..!!

Himanshu Girdhar

(Delhi School of Economics-2105, ISI-2015)

Before I joined Ecopoint, one year ago, I could not think of sitting for any Economics-related competitive exam. I was competitive in basic undergraduate-level Economics, If one is seriously considering cracking any premier Economics institute in India, then being familiar with undergraduate-level of Economics is not sufficient. Ecopoint helped bridge that gap in my knowledge and elevate it to a level where I could perform well in the competitive exams. Nishant Sir and Vidhi Ma’am not only taught extremely well, but have also been constant supporters and motivators in this journey. The best part was that Sir and Ma’am readily assisted me in tackling my problems, however small or insignificant they might have been.The online platform provided my Ecopoint is absolutely brilliant and kept me on my toes all the time with the sheer volume of the material made available for me to study from. The quality of the material was, again, extremely good and I could see a gradual and steady improvement in my performance with time. I would highly recommend Ecopoint to anyone who is very serious about cracking any good college, and also to make best use of this institute and its resources to derive good results.

Sanchita Jain

(Delhi School of Economics-2015)

“Nishant Sir ” & “ Vidhi Mam “ World’s best teacher can ever had for M.A. (economics entrance preparation)….their problem solving methods, teaching techniques, friendly nature made entrance preparation easy , video lectures , assignments and they provided confidence in me that yes everything is possible. Offline & Online lectures never let forget me topics. Thanku so much sir & mam for your support and confidence u showed in me.

Mahak Goel

(Delhi School of Economics-2015)

I joined ecopoint because there was no such other institute which provided a mix of friendly and knowledgeable teachers.The teachers- NISHANT SIR and VIDHI MA’AM are very cooperative and keep encouraging students to best. Vidhi mam is sweetest and humblest person ever. Nishant sir is “the best” for subjects he specializes. The best part about him is never believes in spoon-feeding their student which eventually pushes closer to success. It is only because of these teachers that I managed to crack DSE,JNU,SAU and HYDERABAD UNIVERSITY in one go. I recommend every student for ECOPOINT to crack entrances of economics the study material offered here is phenomenal and assures success. I thank ECOPOINT for my success.

Varsha Surana

(Delhi School of Economics-2015, JNU-2015)

Couldn’t yet believe I’ve made it in DSE. All the credit to ECOPOINT – Vidhi maam & Nishant sir. It is perfect way in which they have designed the preparation technique apt balance between classroom and online study material- which sets this institute apart and better than others. The classroom lectures, with a more focus on new and difficult topics, and the online material-videos and assignments, for revision and brushing the basic concepts, proved to be extremely helpful. The rigorous tests with time limit helped me in identifying and winning over my weak concepts. This gradually boosted my confidence and better enabled me to better face the entrance exams. Ecopoint indeed proved to be my right choice in deciding among the coaching institutes for preparation of M.A. ECO Entrance exams.

Naveena Seth

(Delhi School of Economics-2105, JNU -2015)

I would like to sincerely thank Nishant sir and Vdhi ma’am for their constant support and help during my entrance preparation. Though I was fairly confident of making it to my dream college, DSE through the merit mode, their encouragement always propelled me to do well in the entrance too. I was able to get good ranks in DSE and JNU entrance exams due to their guidance. Their notes are well updated and all doubts are cleared well in time. I found both of them to be immensely approachable and friendly, which made learning and revising much more fun. Along with teaching us, they shared little anecdotes and information about major colleges which helped us make correct decisions. The online portal was also of great help. It gave us an opportunity to clear any concept through videos, assignments and tests. I am truly thankful to Sir and Ma’am for their constant motivation and belief in me

Anubha Aggarwal

(Delhi School of Economics-2015, JNU-2015)

For students willing to work hard to achieve their dreams, ecopoint is the best place. You will never run out of practice questions on the online platform. Regular practice will give you confidence to face new questions. The online platform is unmatched by any other tutor in the market. Nishant sir and Vidhi ma’am helped me to grasp the subject better and it gave me more confidence in my ability which prepared me better for my exams. I learnt how to take a question and work through it correctly. They have excellent teaching style and kind but firm encouragement. I was taught how to properly use the formulas given, to understand and answer questions. I would recommend Ecopoint to anyone looking for MA Economics entrance coaching.

Anand Thirwani

(Delhi School of Economics -2015)

Nishant sir and Vidhi ma’am have been great mentors and motivators. In the classes, the theory and tough questions are discussed in detail and all doubts are cleared- from the elementary to the arduous. The online portal can be used for building up core concepts through video lectures and trying out a large number of mock tests to hone your skills and to get ready for the competitive nature of the exams right in your home as and when you feel comfortable. The combination of the offline and online facilities means that you have all the resources at your disposal for cracking the exams. Another great thing about Ecopoint is that it ties up all the things you learn in your undergraduate college econ semesters in a very natural and efficient way so you can have a well-rounded view of the subject from the bird’s eye view. Kudos to sir and ma’am for providing this great coaching facility!

Nihal Mehta

(Delhi School of Economics-2015, IGIDR-2015)

Ecopoint has been a rewarding experience for me. I am extremely thankful to Nishant Sir and Vidhi Ma’am for their constant support and guidance. They have an excellent learning environment in the class and large number of questions on the online platform of varying difficulty levels which are very beneficial. The focus was not just on solving questions but doing them in the minimum possible time which is the most important skill for cracking these entrances. Thanks a lot for this one year of learning and for being awesome mentors.

Dinank Chitkara

(Delhi School of Economics -2015, IGIDR-2015)

I had subscribed to the online course and found it extremely helpful for all the exams i had appeared for. The main advantage of the online material is that you can study at your own time and at your own pace. It is lucid and exceedingly easy to understand. The lectures are mainly organised in the form of videos for every individual topic. There are also separate sections to build problem solving abilities complimented with healthy question bank for every topic in the syllabus. Timed online mock tests are also available for different exam formats.

Apart from the online material Sir and Maam are almost always available over phone/whatsapp for solving study related doubts and even for other important information people living outside Delhi maybe missing out on. I am extremely thankful to both Nishant Sir and Vidhi Maam for the help and support they have extended to me in my preparation. Without them it might not have been possible to pursue my dream of studying at DSE 🙂

Sourya Mitra Chaudhuri

(Delhi School of Economics-2015)

Lets just put it this way,you are going to give an entrance which is going to test the application of anything and everything you learn in your Bachelors,Ecopoint is the only coaching centre which focuses on you getting those sixty questions right which can turn your chances of getting in this institute pretty much solid.For an entrance exam like DSE or for that matter any other MA entrance you need to really know how to tackle the questions in the most efficient way and in the coaching we were taught these ways which saved a lot of my time in the paper to do other question.There is an online platform also with challenging assignments which is a great supplement and much needed help for the preparation.Each class you would attend here and if you do pay attention to the questions solved,you would have just made sure of answering one question correctly of an entrance paper like DSE.My decision was hence absolutely right and in the end proved to be fruitful to getting me into my dream institute.

Radhika Gehlot

(Delhi School of Economics-2015)

I joined Ecopoint almost a year ago, and I have not regretted the decision. Both the teachers, nishant sir and vidhi ma’am are very approachable for doubts and concepts. Even the most basic concepts are cleared! The online portal was very helpful and anyone who sincerely does class notes as well as online tests can easily score well. The tests were not only helpful for DSE preparation but also for other entrance tests like IGIDR, ISI, JNU etc. I am grateful to the institute and the teachers for their guidance.

Aashay Bansal

(Delhi School of Economics-2015, IGIDR-2015)

After a year of preparation for MA entrance exams and the experience of taking the various exams, I feel glad that I made the right choice of joining Ecopoint for my preparation. My peers were quite confident on my admission in DSE through the merit mode but only after the trial class, I realized that I had missed some very crucial topics in my undergraduate studies and some were taught in very different way which need to be understood right before entering the masters level. Nishant Sir and Vidhi Ma’am had made this task really easy for me through their excellent study material and comprehensive teaching. I owe a lot to them for their continuous support and my clear understanding of the important topics, especially the quantitative part of micro and macro economics. The course structure and the online tests are very thoroughly designed to enable a student to successfully enter the course in the top institutes of India.

Nikita Gupta

(Delhi School of Economics-2015)

It really is difficult to describe how vital this institute is for the preparation of Masters courses in Economics in any and every major Department of Economics in the country. The online platform with a huge number of timed assignments both topic-wise half hour tests and full-fledged practice tests alone puts Ecopoint way ahead of every other major (heavily charging sometimes) coaching institutes in this domain. Coming over to the teachers, Nishant Sir and Vidhi ma’am are both supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. What makes then an absolute gem in this field is the fact that they adapt, both to the changing batches and the pattern of papers. And a huge bonus is the inspiration and motivation that is just in the air when these people are around. On a personal level I have gained a lot from these guys. The life experiences they have can be a source of strength and self-belief. On a more practical note, what this place necessarily does is teach you how to go through a problem from scratch till the end in a theoretically sound way and that is what you need isn’t it? To be able to solve questions you have never encountered before correctly? This place overall does offer one complete package. If you’re unable to decide which place to join just take a leap of faith and you won’t regret it. All the best.


(Delhi School of Economics-2015)

Ecopoint- the best place I could have chosen to prepare for various MA Economics entrances. Ma’am and Sir turned out to be not just my mentors but also friends. They infused a lot of positivity and optimism which enabled me to keep faith in myself. The regular online tests, assignments and lectures made sure we made steady progress towards the target. No matter how stupid the doubts were they were ever ready to help. The systematic way in which they have designed the course is unmatched. I owe a lot to Ecopoint.

Kritika Mittal

(Delhi School of Economics 2014, Rank 2, ISI 2014, JNU 2014)

A substantial part of the credit of my success goes to ECOPOINT. Be it in terms of the content in basic course material, the learning imparted in classes, or the comprehensiveness of the online tests, Ecopoint has been great. The tests, especially, helped me a lot by enabling me to understand my areas of weakness so that I could work on them subsequently. The feedback and guidance from Nishant Sir and Vidhi Ma’am proved priceless. Thank you Sir and Ma’am for being supportive, motivating and great friends! 🙂

Geetanjali Rohilla

(Delhi School of Economics 2014, ISI 2014, JNU 2014)

I am happy for my decision of joining EcoPoint one year back. The tutoring at ecopoint helped me strenghten my basics and concepts. I will recommend any candidate serious about cracking the top institution to join eco point. My personal review will tell you why-First, the effort of both Nishant sir and Vidhi mam is highly commendable. They are always available for you, to solve your doubts/ queries, to guide you, to motivate you at times. Without their personal effort, I woudn’t have been able to crack DSE. Second, the content and the classes.- both online and offline. All the basics have been covered in videos. You can watch those any number of times. The classes however are of little higher level. And thats the best part. In order to crack the ivy league exams, you need to go beyond what has been taught at graduation level.A big thanks to both Nishant sir and Vidhi mam and all the best to all aspirants.

Rajat Jatana

(Delhi School of Economics, 2014)

To all those who are confused on how to prepare for entrance I would recommend you to join Ecopoint. Online platform provided is more than enough to prepare you for all the entrances, so you don’t have to worry about that at all.I still remember the day when DSE results came out. I was not able to believe that I got through entrance mode since the paper was very tough. But since I had solved questions and done assessments provided on the platform I was able to get through.For those planning to join, utilize the platform very well without thinking about the consequences, I am sure you will not be disappointed after 1 year and you will be glad that you joined Ecopoint like I am.Both Nishant sir and Vidhi ma’am are very approachable, helpful and friendly. They kept motivating me whenever I felt I won’t be able to do it. I got through many other entrances as well. All this won’t have been possible without their constant support and guidance.

Divyani Gupta

(Delhi School of Economics, 2014)


To reach a destination or to achieve our goal there are two basic requirements one is “Driving force” and other is “Guiding force”. Driving force is purely inner force and guiding force is our mentors. During my journey from scratch to ISI Ecopoint was my guiding force, they taught and suggested just followed with heart. At Ecopoint did huge number of assignments, tests and around 8000+ questions of different variety which covered all the necessary concepts and solving methods and it increased my knowledge level immensely and made my confidence kissing the sky before the exam. In the end I want to thanks Nishant sir and Vidhi mam for being a great mentor have ever had, and to message those preparing for economic entrance. If you have the driving force, come to ecopoint you will start resonating.

Ankush Deep

(Indian Statistical Institute, 2014)

Joining Ecopoint proved to be just what I needed for my preparation. Nishant sir and Vidhi ma’am were always available and accessible to clear our doubts no matter small. They were also huge source of optimism, motivation and guidance. The videos and lectures strengthened my basic concepts and the comprehensive tests improved time management and speed. Though the focus was on DSE and ISI, other entrances such as JNU, IGIDR etc were in no way neglected. All can say is that Ecopoint will provide any aspirant with all the guidance, support and material needed to crack these entrance but of course, personal effort, initiative and hard work is a staple!

Anandita Anand Sharma

(Indian Statistical Institute, 2014, Delhi School of Economics, 2014)

Ecopoint is an institute entirely different from others. Nishant sir and Vidhi ma’am had provided me individual attention and guidance from the first day of our interaction. Sir and ma’am both kept track of how I was doing and where I was lagging behind. They start from the basics where you’re comfortable and gradually take you to the advanced topics. On a personal level found sir and ma’am very warm and humble. They’ve been good teachers, mentors and friends the same time. Ecopoint is the best institute I could have chosen. Apart from getting admission in the desired college have found two mentors for lifetime.

Medha Madan

(Delhi School of Economics, 2014; IGIDR 2014)

I remember one year back when I was in the same shoes as any of you guys ,figuring out what coaching institute to join. Which institute will help me achieve my goal is the toughest question at that point. We’ll today I am so glad I picked the right one- ECOPOINT. The course structure here is very systematic and they literally cover everything which is important and also help you to brush up on your basics . Plus the faculty here- Nishant Sir and Vidhi Ma’am are extremely helpful, friendly and are also approachable, even a minute before the interview and this I am saying from my personal experience. Apart from having exceptionally brilliant tutors the institute also offers a lot of study material and test series which I think is the most helpful in the preparation of any exam. All I would like to say is if you are picking any institute in market today This is THE BEST. Nishant Sir and Vidhi Ma’am are not only amazing teachers but also really warm people and friends would cherish the rest of my life. This place offers you the best BUT yes you will need to put in your share of hard work too.

Shreya Bahul

(Delhi School of Economics, IGIDR, 2014)

Thank you Nishant sir and Vidhi ma’am for all your guidance , support and encouragement. Sir you were always there to enthuse and to motivate me and i owe all my success to you. I would recommend ECOPOINT for MA entrance exams to everyone. The dedicated faculty will be there always for you and the online platform is like cherry on the cake. Believe me the never ending test series can bring out the best in you. A year back i would have never thought of myself where I’m today, my hard work met proper guidance which I’ll enjoy forever in my life.

Abhay Joshi

(Delhi School of Economics, JNU, 2014)

Nishant sir and Vidhi ma’am and the institution,Ecopoint, were life changing for me, mainly because of the confidence I developed. The most important thing, if you want to do anything in life, is that you need to know firmly that you have to do it; and if you know you have to be good at your knowledge in economics, this is the place for you. Being here, you are motivated so many times more when you see see your teachers working harder than you, that too for you. Contrary to what could be believed, they actually make you feel good while you are preparing for facing such a level of competition. The light mood of the class keeps you refreshed to look at situations and questions with an open, fresh mind. There are as much questions,of all levels, available as you can solve. Additionally, you get to learn quite a bit from the personal experiences and prep talks of sir and ma’am. In short I’d say to all my juniors, Ecopoint way is the way to go.

Ishaani Anand

(Delhi School of Economics, JNU, 2014)

Nishant sir and Vidhi Ma’am , I m thankful to you for all your support and guidance. Delhi School of Economics was my dream since I took B.A (Hons) Eco. This year because of merit thing the no. of seats got reduced for entrance exam and we needed to maintain our university ranking too … with all this I really got tensed…. but Sir, you have always been there to motivate me… to force me to try and never give up… It is because of you that by the time entrance exam was near I was confident enough and was ready to give my best.. And finally I was so happy when I got through both Merit and Entrance..!! Also.. the tests and assignments made by you both makes one practice so much that the fear of new and difficult questions really vanishes and we start believing that any question can be solved if we try…you both are friendly and easily approachable..you manage to pay individual attention…you keep us motivated…determined and focused on our target…because of the online platform it feels as if you are all time available for your students…Once again… Thanks a lot for this one year of learning and for being awesome mentors..!!!

Ankita Ranjan

(Delhi School of Economics, 2014)

It had been a tedious yet fruitful journey towards achieving this goal, and ECOPOINT helped me mend all the curves that came in my path towards this success. Thank you Nishant sir and Vidhi ma’am for being there in all the crucial moments and being the best mentor, counsellor and specially as friends, guiding me all through this journey. The Online Portal with 200+ tests had made the Entrance exam as any other day. To all the students embarking this journey, I would like to say what Nishant Sir and Vidhi Ma’am have always told me, ” Do not Over-complicate things!” Every question has a solution and it can be solved by keeping calm and thinking step by step and be confident in what you do! Every student is talented, but only the confident ones always prosper!

Kaustabh Ray

(Delhi School of Economics, JNU, 2014)

Nishant sir and Vidhi mam have done a great job. Their continuous guidance and support from the very beginning helped me fulfill my dream: DSE . The method adopted by them which combines class lectures, assignments , regular tests and most important the online platform makes preparation very easy and convenient. Apart from such a framework, they were always there to solve doubts and give suggestions . Lastly the confidence boost mails and friendly talks makes you believe in yourself and takes you a step closer to your target. Thank you so much Sir and Ma’am 🙂

Kanika Aggarwal

(Delhi School of Economics, 2014)

Nishant sir and Vidhi maam have taken Ecopoint to a new level..from learning in classes to video lectures to every day assignments…from dse sample papers (starting right from beginning) to never ending motivational doses… everything is amazing. The mathematical approach of solving microeconomics sandwiched with a lot of examples gives perfect blend for preparation of all tough exams. I would specially thank Nishant sir… who is the man behind my success.. specially the confidence that sir had in ALL of us made a dfference 🙂 i couldnt have thought of getting through DSE with ECOPOINT ! 🙂

Arzoo Sabhharwal

(Delhi School of Economics, 2014)

I’m very grateful to Nishant sir and Vidhi ma’am for their dedicated teaching and invaluable guidance.perhaps, special mention needs be to made of their online portal which was a great help in my entrance preparations.:-)

Maria Alphonso Thomas

(Delhi School of Economics, 2014)

As an engineer who had recently quit his job, I started my preparations for economics entrances as a blank slate, one cold Delhi morning in January when I attended my first class at Ecopoint. I had a strong intuition that I was at the right place. Since then I never missed a single class. Nishant sir (through the classes and the recorded videos) literally walked me through the ABC of economics, or at least of what was necessary to crack the entrance exams. The approach to my study was like how you learn your mother tongue – you just start speaking the language and the grammar gets imbibed automatically. Similarly, at Ecopoint, the focus was to do problems and learn concepts through them. This approach saved a lot of my preparation time. In math, one can really get lost with the multitude of books and problems that are out there. Vidhi ma’am was a life-saver and guided us on exactly those areas that were tested in these exams. Without that kind of focused prioritizing of study, I wouldn’t have managed to get into a good college within 4 months of study. To me, my teachers’ words were law. After all, God acts through our gurus, who are His instruments.

Anirudh Jayaraman

(IGIDR, 2014)

Studying at Ecopoint was a very rewarding experience for me! The outstanding feature of the institute is that it gives you unbridled access to a plethora of questions. This is complemented by numerous basic videos on the platform, which help to strengthen your fundamentals, besides providing the theoretical background to a topic. The platform not only allows you to take multiple tests on each subject, but is also a way to connect with the teachers and your peers! And the classroom coaching, which builds upon the platform, not only helps you to solve higher level problems, but is also conducive for intellectual stimulation. Both the teachers repeatedly stress on the fact that the questions must be solved independently by each student (though at times they do become compassionate and give hints). This ensures that no student feels left out in the class. And if you have not done your homework, the teachers may not berate you much, but they will feel so hurt that you will be left with no choice, but to cheer them up BY DOING YOUR HOMEWORK and taking all the tests! At the end of the academic year, you will develop a cherishable camaraderie with both the teachers…and whichever institute you get through, PLEASE KEEP ALL YOUR ECOPOINT REGISTERS WITH YOU, which Nishant sir and Vidhi ma’am, will ask you to maintain throughout the year. I think Ecopoint has played a very vital role in shaping my thought process and perception, both of economics and life! I hope that this place becomes a stepping-stone of success for you as well. A beautiful blend of enriching educational experience and succour that one needs during “testing times” (both literally and figuratively)…well, that’s Ecopoint for me….

Ashish Magoo

(Madras School of Economics, 2014)

First of all a big thanks to Nishant Sir and Vidhi Mam for preparing me so well that i could manage to crack one of the top universities of delhi : JAWAHAR LALA NEHRU UNIVERSITY. Thank you so much in helping me in accomplishing my desire. It’s because of your never ending test series, thousands of videos , lots and lots of assingments that i am here today which just one year back was a dream. Whenever i had a doubt u are there by my side to help me as a mentor,scolding me at my mistake and giving valuable suggestions as a friend. And on the top of it is ‘watsapp’ we can watsapp u questions at any time and you are always there wid your replies. Earlier these assingments , test series, regular classes and videos seems to be frustating but now i have realized their importance . Its because of them only i could manage to clear my basic concepts, have become more confident and learned many new things which has helped me in making my concepts even more sharper than possible before. So i would recommend any candidate serious about cracking good universities to join eco point. Here you will be taught something beyond your curriculm which would help you later in your life as well.

Kritika Gupta

(JNU, 2014)

I am immensely happy to share my thoughts with you. Past one year has been a great journey for me at Eco Point. I never thought of getting admission in such a good college as Gokhale. Thanks to both of you. Special thanks to you sir , since you always boosted my confidence. Your platform are THE Best in the world. They were very helpful. You were always there for us and many times i thought that you even answered my silly questions with so much of patience. I adhered whatever you told me at crucial times and achieved my aim with your wishes. Thank you so much for your support.

Sahib Sharma

(Gokhale Institute of Economics and Political Science, 2014)

Ecopoint played a very crucial role in helping me achieve my goal. The best part about Ecopoint was the online platform which provided me with an extensive set of practice questions, mock exams and classroom videos on major topics. Apart from this, the faculty was very helpful and friendly. I am extremely thankful to Nishant Sir and Vidhi Ma’am for their guidance and constant support.

Manya Malik

(Delhi School of Economics, 2014)

This is for all the students who want to pursue Masters degree in Economics from one of the top universities in India. When I decided to join this course I was quiet sceptical about whether such an online platform would serve the purpose or not. But after I joined the course,I gradually, realised that Ecopoint is the best option for any student who want to prepare themselves for these exams. Whether you are student from Economics background or not, it does not matter much, because Ecopoint provides extensive study materials starting from the very basics and then to the advanced course materials… It is always better for a student to opt for such an online course because one can have access to all the study materials, solved answers of past papers, assignments any day, any time. There would be ample tests covering every subjects and every topics, which is an effective way for proper time management…Finally the teachers, Nishant Sir, and Vidhi Madam will do everything possible to make sure that each and everyone who have opted for this course can make their dreams come true. Their constant guidance and support are obviously the pillars of success for the ones who have cracked one of the toughest examinations of their lives….

Debamanyu Das

(IGIDR 2014)

Ecopoint is definitely the premier institution for M.A Economics entrance test preparations. I would highly reccomend it to future candidates. After signing up for the online course I found both Vidhi Ma’am and Nishant Sir extremely helpful.The online videos which are provided as well as the study notes and assignments helps not only in clearing doubts but also gaining a thorough understanding of each subject. Since regular practice is a must , the tests uploaded always kept me on my toes. Moreover a large emphasis has been placed on improving ones base in Mathematics and Statistics which is invaluable for post graduate studies. Ecopoint has helped my preparations be systematic, approaching every different entrance exam in the correct manner. Finally, I would like to thank Vidhi Ma’am and Nishant Sir for their help. We will be in touch…All the very best the future.

Aritra Mitra

(IGIDR, 2014)

My experience at Ecopoint was truly enriching. Be it in terms of the content in basic course material, the learning imparted in classes, or the comprehensiveness of the test series, Ecopoint has been great. The course structure is well planned which helped in strengthening our basic fundamentals and then moving on to more difficult problems. Nishant Sir and Vidhi Ma’am were extremely supportive and encouraging. They were forthcoming for any kind of help that I needed and provided me with focused guidance at every step of my preparation. The online portal includes exhaustive exercises for preparation and gave sufficient practice for individual concepts. The videos acted as a consolidated source of knowledge for the topics. The combination of the amazing faculty and the comprehensive online portal makes Ecopoint the best institute for MA Economics entrance coaching in the market today.

Amrita Garai

(IGIDR, 2014)

Nishant Sir and Vidhi Ma’am have done a fantastic job with EcoPoint. It is an entrance preparation institute like no other. Learning isn’t limited to classes as there are lectures notes and tests available online that you can study at your own pace and on your own time. The course structure isn’t reduced to a formulaic deconstruction of the test papers but focuses on understanding the basics and then exploring the various applications. For wide-spectrum entrance tests like the ones for DSE, ISI and IGIDR, this is just what is required. Most importantly, at EcoPoint I received individual attention and interaction from day one. Not only did Nishant sir and Vidhi ma’am always keep a check on how much I was studying, they always kept me motivated and made sure that i never lost sight of the target. They were always very approachable and friendly and always seemed more like mentors than teachers. I owe a great part of my success in the entrance exams to them. Love and thanks

Tanvir Malik

(Delhi School of Economics, IGIDR, 2013)

Ecopoint targeted at my basic concepts and provided me with lots of practice problems. The teachers provide everyone with great attention and are always approachable. The regular tests helped me in assessing my performance. The online study material and assignments are also very helpful. The mathematical approach used in solving micro problems and graphical approach used for open economy questions and also the lectures on probability and calculus really helped me a lot in my preparation. I thank Ecopoint and specially Nishant Sir and Vidhi Ma’am for being there for me all the time and clearing my doubts at the most odd times also.

Aditya Sahoo

(Delhi School of Economics, ISI, JNU, 2013)

Its hard to put into words precisely how I felt when DSE results were announced, but I NEVER would have made it without you both, Nishant and Vidhi. Being from B.Sc. Statistics I had no path to a program in economics of this repute, but you!!! Nishant sir, the man behind this achievement, not only encouraged me to try but made very sure that I get through. You were 24×7 available for queries and the most imp TURBO-MORALE BOOST. Thank you sooo much!!! I believe this programme at ECOPOINT is the most efficient way to gain mathematical insight, the way Vidhi mam makes calculus and linear algebra work so simple, and the way Nishant sir makes you apply calculus in almost every problem. And, how can I forget, the online platform…assignments, tests, videos lectures, study notes what not… This is like a mandatory prelim-session to a graduate program. Whatever stream you belong to!! How great your preparation is!! YOU HAVE TO attend this programme!! It gives you a fresh perspective on how the best of the concepts available in undergraduate courses can be easily applied to complex problems. And trust me you don’t find all this in textbooks, a human has to stand there and make you think, then graph and think again!! Me at D-School????——>All the credit goes to ECOPOINT, THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!! Will be in touch forever!!

Manshu Khanna

(Delhi School of Economics, 2013)

Dear sir, I am very thankful to you and vidhi maam for all the guidance and support throughout the year. I was rather under confident in the beginning, owing to my previous failures with entrance examinations; however, I am ending the year on a high, having cracked both ISI and DSE. In retrospect, all the little things u said in class about preparations, not letting work pile up, solving maximum questions and forming my own twist on them really worked wonders to make my concepts clear. The amount of material you provided us with, both in class and on the online portal was more than enough. The long micro problems, which challenged and tested our thinking process were fun to solve in class. Brilliant online support and the sheer commitment you had towards seeing your children succeed were the two outstanding features of ecopoint which i admire greatly. again,
Thank you sir, and ma’am!

Sarthak Joshi

(Delhi School of Economics, 2013)

To all my friends seeking admission to the premier institutions for masters in economics like DSE, ISI, JNU, IGIDR, etc I would recommend them to join Ecopoint. Studying at Ecopoint was an enriching experience because of the hardwork and dedication of the faculty, Nishant sir and Vidhi maam. They take personal interest in the students’ performance and bring out the best in them. The highlights of the programme are:
Effective classroom and online lectures
Regular online tests, assignments and practice material
Personal doubt clearing sessions
Methodical training with the help of DSE, ISI, JNU past year papers
Extremely motivating and approachable faculty to provide guidance and to help achieve your maximum potential.
Ecopoint is the best choice if you seek excellence in economics

Riya Chakravarty

(Delhi School of Economics, 2013)

Delhi School of Economics is India’s premier institution for Economics and a dream for all aspirants. I feel ecstatic for having made the cut but I have to acknowledge Nishant Sir and Vidhi Mam for their tireless support and guidance and making it possible for me to realize my dream. At Ecopoint, what’s best is the organisation and course content. The entire course is structured sequentially, that you don’t realize how effortlessly you manage the entire syllabus. Plus the nostalgia that Nishant Sir shares, keeps you in awe of the place( DSE) and motivates you to work harder. What I personally believe , is important to crack such an exam is ’self-belief’ and this is a constant dose at ecopoint. I highly recommend ecopoint for its rigorous course content and ever helpful duo of Nishant Sir and Vidhi Mam. P.S- Do join for the priceless motivation ,that is most important before any exam.

Dhruv Jain

(Delhi School of Economics, 2013)

While courting the possibility of underwhelming someone about the Ecopoint experience, I still choose to describe it in one word, and a relatively simple one too-’useful’. If you think about it, you wouldn’t need or want to look for other adjectives. The classes kept me occupied with the process of preparing. It kept me involved-and that’s extremely important when complacency hounds every step, which it most definitely does for the ‘not so ambitious’ amongst us. And when classes ended, when exams ended, the online material kept that feeling going. Continuity is key (I guess that’s a reiteration). I got the push I needed. And I’m grateful for it.

Orville Dustin Mondal

(Delhi School of Economics, 2013)

Ecopoint is definitely one of the more dedicated coaching centres.The question banks and online materials provided are highly well researched and effort is taken to provide individual attention and care. A highly meticulous and planned teaching methodology is followed.I am highly grateful to EcoPoint for helping me through MA entrance examinations

Neelima Jagdish Hegde

(Delhi School of Economics, 2013)

D School was a dream college for me. And Ecopoint helped me realise this dream. The very regular coaching classes, tutorials, tests, online classes, etc helped me greatly. Nishant Sir’s little tips and advices came in quite handy while preparing for the all the entrances, not just D School. Also, regular emails kept me updated regarding entrances and admission procedures of different universities. Thank you so much Ecopoint, especially Nishant Sir. Couldn’t have done it without you.

Shihrani Kuku Kayina

(Delhi School of Economics, 2013)

I would like to extend my gratitude to ecopoint for their support without which cracking DSE would have been impossible. The teachers here are very hardworking and provide exhaustive material, assignments and test series which I found to be extremely helpful. Moreover the class and visual lectures help you to revisit your forgotten concepts. Also teachers keep you on your toes and motivate you again and again to improve and go beyond your limits.

Aditi Kalra

(Delhi School of Economics, 2013)

My name is Nupur Gupta. I have done my graduation from SRCC. I joined ecopoint in July. Nishant sir and Vidhi mam guidance along with my professors helped me in doing a successful and thorough preparation of entrances. They focus extensively on micro, macro, maths and stats. Their online lectures are of a great help and so are the sample papers. They regularly conduct online tests to keep one up to date with one’s preparation. They made us practice a lot of questions. We did an exhaustive preparation on the kind of questions one can expect in the entrances. If one follows their guidance and suggestions, then all the entrances are going to be a cake walk. So basically, Ecopoint is a paisa-vasool deal :-p

Nupur Gupta

(IGIDR, 2013)

Ecopoint provided me the right guidance and support to channelise my energies into a singular direction of getting into reputed institutes for MA ECONOMICS .The dedicated faculty comprising of Nishant sir and Vidhi mam instilled in us the right approach to focus on our goals and were available round the clock for solving doubts.The study material(offline &online) was rich and extensive and the classroom teaching was exemplary. I owe my success to Ecopoint!

Rashi Sharma

(Delhi School of Economics, JNU, 2013)

First of all, I would like to Thank You for all the encouragement and support that you have given me for MA ECONOMICS ENTRANCE PREPARATIONS. Without your guidance, I might not have been able to clear entrance of Delhi school of economics. I think all the question practices and your nagging helped me to get an admission in D-SCHOOL. All this can be credited to your teaching and effective strategy. As a teacher, you both were very patient and understanding, trying your best to cater to the needs of individual students. I feel that the thing that helped me to learn the most was how interesting you made Economics seem. You gave me a much needed boost in my confidence to face the dreaded exams. I like how Nishant sir and VIDHI mam always explains the fundamentals and the main points of each topic before going in-depth, and teaching me the correct way of approaching a question – how should the question be approached/ structured/answered etc. I am very pleased with my result, and you played a huge role in helping me achieve it. I appreciate your guidance very much!” Most important, your patience and sincere belief in my ability led me to do well, and I am very grateful to have such a wonderful teacher like you! ” I would definitely recommend anyone looking for MA Economics entrance coaching to ecopoint.”

Jaspreet Kaur

(Delhi School of Economics, JNU, 2013)

First and foremost,thank you Nishant sir and Vidhi ma’am.Thank you for your guidance,constant support and encouragement .. Most of my friends in Kolkata thought that I am mad enough to opt for online coaching instead of plenty of other options available in the city itself–Thank God I didn’t listen to them! For all those out there who are sceptical about whether online coaching would prove to be helpful,all I can say is go for Ecopoint and you’ll never regret it..the course structure is exhaustive and,ma’am and sir were actually available 24X7 to answer my queries..Most importantly,it is because of Ecopoint that today I know my economics better and knowledge,I believe,is above everything else..
You guys are doing a great job;keep up the good work:)

Soumyaditya Pal

(IGIDR, 2013)

I still remember the time when i started my 3rd year in college still confused about how to prepare for MA Eco entrance exams. Ecopoint came to my rescue. I remember discussing problems with Nishant Sir and Vidhi ma’am in class which helped a lot to develop my basic concepts. They always kept me motivated to keep my focus on my goals. Sir was always approachable at any time of the day for clearing doubts. The pool of questions and study material provided online by Ecopoint is extensive and very useful. All the credit for my success goes to Ecopoint and i owe a debt of gratitude to Nishant sir and Vidhi Ma’am. Thanks a lot.

Raghav Rakesh

(Delhi School of Economics, JNU, 2013)

Ecopoint-the name well justified, each and every point related to economics is explained vividly to the core. Nishant sir’s approach is very systematic, proceeding gradually from basic to advanced levels. He is friendly in nature and keeps motivating his students. He always tried, to clear our doubts to the maximum possible limits. Vidhi Mam, too started, from basic and theoretical questions and slowly raising the bar. She always encouraged us to practice more and more questions. The atmosphere here at Ecopoint is very congenial and intellectual. Apart from that, I would advice every aspirant to do all the tests and assignments seriously. It is only by attempting new questions, you will be able to solve new and sudden questions on the D-day. Thanks.

Rohit Chawala

(Delhi School of Economics, 2013)

I am a commerce graduate from the University of Hyderabad and was looking for a shift to economics. I enrolled for an online programme at Ecopoint. The online study material, well structured assignments, assessments, along with reference books suggested were sufficient to help me get through admission test at DSE, which speaks volume about the course. Also, programme co-ordinators were always available to provide to solve queries and give timely inputs. Thanks

Kiran Pasupuleti

(Delhi School of Economics, 2013)

Ecopoint helped me to not just prepare for the entrances but also have clear understanding of concepts which will help me throughout. Also, Nishant and Vidhi, give personal attention to each and every student and are very helpful. The best thing about Ecopoint is the online material, which they provide, as it is very helpful.

Divya Bhagia

(Delhi School of Economics, 2013)

Getting through DSE is a dream come true. A lot of hardwork and sincerity lies behind this success. There have been times when I felt depressed n unworthy of giving this exam. But in the end all the pain and the sacrifices made me worthy of clearing DSE. I would like to thank Ecopoint for being a good guidance and especially for the tests and assignments which were really really helpful. A special thanks to Vidhi ma’am for being such a supportive teacher.

Charusmita Naik

(Delhi School of Economics, JNU, 2013)

Dear Nishant sir and Vidhi ma’am….first of all I would like to thank you both from the core of my heart for guiding, motivating and encouraging me throughout the year. You were always there whenever I needed your help and support. While I always wanted to do my masters from DSE or JNU, but I had this impression that it’s too difficult to handle 3rd year and MA preparations together. But Nishant sir and Vidhi ma’am proved me wrong. The way they taught, the video lectures, the online tests and assignments plus their individual attention not only helped me crack the entrances but it was immensely helpful in my 3rd year preparations also. Sir and ma’am always provided that much needed boost to my confidence and made me believe that yes, I can also make it!! They actually made me realize my true potential. So, I would definitely recommend anyone having a desire to do masters from a good university to join Ecopoint. At the end, once again THANK YOU soooo much Nishant sir and Vidhi ma’am. I owe my success to you.

Aishwarya Harichandan

(JNU, 2013)

The best part of my experience with ECOPOINT was the test series, assignments at exponential rate. It exposed me to exogenous shocks in terms of test ( which turned into surprise @ time of result). i got the best mentor in terms of Nishant sir and Vidhi mam who constantly motivated me( who is actually impatient). they are simply awesome in terms of their management and approach towards development of you as an economist. thnk u sir and mam n formost thanks to god that he made me met to u people.

Gagan Goel

(Delhi School of Economics, IGIDR, 2013)

JNU was a dream and when I finally got through, the feeling is so overwhelming. I wont say I worked very hard but I know being regular with studies was one of the key factors. I would really like to thank Vidhi mam and Nishant sir for their guidance , support and the patience with which they dealt with us. The online tests and video lectures were especially helpful . Solving the test papers and assignment made up for 80% of the prep required. Hoping for good times ahead and best wishes to everyone

Pooja Dey

(JNU, 2013)

Nishant Sir & Vidhi Mam
I believe that solving questions and problems is the only strategy to crack any entrance and you both made sure that we practice enough questions to be able to sit confidently for any exam.All this can be attributed to your effective teaching and strategy.

As a teacher, you both were amazing ,trying your best to understand the needs of individual students.You guys made economics really interesting and fun to learn.You gave me a much needed boost in my confidence to face these exams and your patience and sincere belief in my ability led me to do well.I really like your strategy, how you both always explain the fundamentals and important points of every topic and then proceed further.This has taught me the correct way of approaching a question and solving it.

I am really happy and satisfied with my result and you both played a major role in helping me achieve it.This would not have been possible without you both.I am very grateful to have such amazing teachers like you. I would definitely recommend Ecopoint to anyone looking for M.A. Economics Entrance Coaching.

Vaishali Kohli

(JNU, 2013)

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